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Windy Hill is located in northeastern Pennsylvania in the Endless Mountains.  A property maintained as a "Clean & Green" Forest Reserve in the Springville area of Susquehanna County.  As time goes by we hope to develop hiking trails and substantial floral and vegetable gardens.  We also intend to maintain the property as a nature area and enjoy the various wildlife that inhabit this area.  In the future once our hiking trails are developed we may open a portion of our property for public use as a peaceful nature park.

The Endless Mountains is an area of "endless" rolling hills.  Elevations vary widely making the area very interesting to visit.

We have foxes, wild turkeys, blue birds, humming birds, coyotes, and of course deer, visiting us year round.  Windy Hill has a couple of small beaver ponds as well.  A blue heron frequents the property and perhaps lives here!

It's surprising how much of an asset to wildlife a sand mound septic system is.  During the winter the top of the sand mound tends to remain clear of snow and this truly aids the survival of the deer, wild turkeys, and other ground feeders.  Of course sometimes the turkeys sneak up to the house to clean up below the bird feeder.


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